About the Peinao Trust
(Peinao is the Greek word for hunger)

The Peinao Trust seeks to financially support and encourage other charities in their work to alleviate the causes and effects of physical, emotional or spiritual hardship throughout the world.
The trust recognises that physical and emotional hardships often arise, or are sustained, as a result of spiritual deficiencies elsewhere (such as greed, hate or selfishness) and therefore places special emphasis on those charities which seek to equip and inspire their beneficiaries to go on to help others, or who attempt to address the systemic causes of hardship.
100% of all monies received by the Peinao Trust are passed on to charities that meet the above criteria, and which can demonstrate that the money they receive from Peinao is used directly and productively to benefit those in need. More recently, the focus of its donations has been in support of the work of the Reconxile project in Uganda.
The Peinao Trust account is administered by the Charities Aid Foundation and conforms to its rules on charitable donations.
Donations should be made payable to the Peinao Trust, Account B10130103, and sent directly to:
Charities Aid Foundation, Kings Hill, West Malling, Kent, ME19 4TA, England
The financial affairs of the Peinao Trust, and a complete list of its beneficiaries, will be posted annually on these pages (see links to the right) on September 30th each year.

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