How to Build a Better Business

How to Build a Better Business is an e-book. It contains straightforward guidance on how to use QFD to design and manage your organisation, and to transform its performance.

It achieves this through ten short prescriptive chapters, each of which takes the reader another step along one particular pathway to implement- ation. If Managing by Design is too involved for you, with too many options, then this book forms an excellent bridge to setting up your first QFD based implementation of systematic management.

Feel free to read the book on-line, by clicking on the relevant links below, or to print out the sections that are most useful to you at the current time:


Introduction to the book and to the concepts of organisation design and its role in business performance transformation.

Chapter 1

Laying the Foundations: Looks at the fundamental values your business is based upon and provides a way of ensuring that those values will underpin the whole of your design.

Chapter 2

Platforms of Virtue: Relates the floors of your house to your key business objectives. It asks how your values impact in the real world, and provides simple steps to translating your values into compelling business objectives which have the collective ownership of your team.

Chapter 3

Pillars of Success: Helps you to think through how your organisational structure supports your business objectives, and it suggests ways of adapting the structure to develop greater clarity and strength.

Chapter 4 Rooms with a View: Like windows, the intersections between each part of the structure and each of the objectives create unique perspectives on how the business works. This chapter shows how these perspectives can be used to identify and harness hidden potential.
Chapter 5 Appointing Tenants: Explains how responsibility for implementing and progressing each part of the business design can be delegated, and provides clear guidelines for effective and systematic 'tenancy' of that responsibility.
Chapter 6 Furnishing with Style: Looks at how tenancy provides real opportunities to engage the commitment and creativity of all of your staff in ensuring each part of your business is designed to realise its full potential, and provides practical steps to make this happen.
Chapter 7 Under one Roof: Explains how the 'roof' of the 'house' provides an excellent mechanism for ensuring that all the separate parts of the business communicate and work together to achieve the business objectives, despite changes in the external climate.
Chapter 8 Building Maintenance: Provides guidance on the tools that are necessary to keep your design finely tuned and your business at peak performance on an ongoing basis. It provides a practical answer to business agility.
Chapter 9 Semi-Detached Buildings: Looks at how the 'house' can be used between organisations to build strong partnerships and thereby further hone core competences and extend the competitive reach of your business.
Chapter 10

Moving On: Considers how, having mastered the basics of business design, you can build on these capabilities and further extend your, and your organisation's, thinking in these areas.


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