Materials to support reporting

A range of materials to help you to implement systematic methods of performance and progress reporting can be accessed, free of charge, from this page.
If you have software installed on your
computer that is directly compatible with
the browser you are using, you will find
that the file will open within your browser (for instance the Acrobat files). If this is not the case you will find that you are presented with the option to save it directly to disc.
If the file opens within your browser, it is possible to save it to the hard-disk on your computer, by clicking the disk icon in the top left hand corner. Alternatively, by right clicking the links, you can select to 'Save Target As...' and download the file directly to your disc drive.

Presentation materials in MS PowerPoint™ format:

Basic Guidelines in Adobe Acrobat™ format:

Workshop exercises in MS PowerPoint™ format:

Basic templates in MS Word™ format:

Basic tools in MS Excel™ format:



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